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Treat Combo Box

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Our Head Chef has carefully selected a bundle of four treats that are perfect for both cats and dogs of all sizes. Take advantage of this offer to save on our staple treats!


Our Head Chef has carefully selected a bundle of four treats that are perfect for both cats and dogs of all sizes. Take advantage of this offer to save on our staple treats!


Dehydrated Chicken Hearts from Free-Range Chickens

Dehydrated Turkey Thigh from Free-Range Turkeys

Dehydrated Pacific Wild-Caught Sardines

Dehydrated Pork Loin from Local Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Pigs

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Benefits that Exceed the Tail Wags

Shelf stable AND preservative-free.
Reward your pet with tasty, nutritious, whole protein

Did you know that gentle dehydration retains almost all of the meat's essential nutrients? Making these single-ingredient treats a much healthier alternative to over-processed commercial pet treats.

  • Shelf-stable and convenient for training and travel
  • Chicken hearts are rich with nutrients like taurine, vitamin B, folic acid, and protein!
  • Sardines are a rich source of Omega 3’s which restore shine and softness to your dog or cat's skin and coat.
  • Pork Loin offers Riboflavin, which supports healthy digestion, making pork loin great for sensitive stomachs and allergies
  • Turkey Strips high Potassium content plays a vital role in metabolism, giving your pet healthy energy and a vibrant muscular system
  • Zinc aids in wound healing and quick recovery

How to Feed Dehydrated Treats

Dehydrated Pet Treats Bagged - Pure Life Raw

Step 1

Once received, you can store your pet’s dehydrated treats in a cool, dry place.

Step 2

In addition to a fresh, balanced diet, dehydrated treats can be given as rewards, snacks on the go, or just because!

Step 3

Feel good about providing your pet with a simple way to boost their health.

We’ll fill you in with even more tips and tricks when you join the Pure Life Raw pack email newsletter.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the treats last?

Our Treats are shelf stable for up to 6 months (but you'll probably run out before then!). For best results keep in a cool dry place.

When will my treats ship?

If you are ordering only treats: Your order will ship the first Monday following order placement.(i.e if it's Thursday, your order will ship Monday).

If you are ordering along with meals: We make everything fresh to order. Our turnaround times are listed below. 

Orders placed Mon-Thursday ship the second Monday following online order placement. 

Orders placed Fri-Sun ship the third Monday following online order placement.

Your order takes 1-3 days to arrive once shipped depending on your location.

Have more questions?

Check out our comprehensive FAQ here.

Why Choose Us

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Pure Raw Ingredients

We partner with local farmers and distributors in California and pride ourselves on using meats, bones, and organs raised on pasture and grass-fed. We'll never subject these fresh ingredients to HPP or pasteurization.

No Supplements or Fillers

We believe in a short, simple, and savory ingredient list. Every custom meal is full of nothing but naturally raw, unprocessed meats. We won’t ever cut corners by adding synthetic supplements, preservatives, or fillers of any kind.

Custom Meal Boxes with Flexibility

With up to 7 proteins in rotation, your pet will never get bored of the same ol’ stuff. Variety is the key to balancing your pet’s nutrient requirements, try all of our proteins for best results.

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For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers.

We’re a small business who started out of the deepest love for dogs and cats. When you shop with us, you’re supporting local farms and local families who work hard to prepare the best food for your pet.