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Single Ingredient Treats & Chews

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the food? Do I need to add supplements?

Pure Life Raw includes muscle meat, raw meaty bones, liver, and another secreting organ (kidney or spleen). That’s it! Variety is key to maintaining a balanced diet. We offer a minimum of four and up to seven protein sources in the indulgence plan. We are giving the power back to you as the pet parent to only add the supplements you want your pet to benefit from.

We'll never incorporate synthetic vitamin mixes or preservatives in our blends!

See more info on what’s included in our products on our blog.

It’s important you talk to your holistic veterinarian or a certified animal nutritionist to find out if any supplements could complement the Pure Life Raw diet based on your pet’s unique diagnosis/situation. Some supplements to consider would be whole raw fish, fur-on animal parts, probiotics, and turmeric paste.

Will my pet go through detox?

When switching your pet over to a more species appropriate raw diet, your pet will start detoxification from their previous diet. Most pet’s thrive and see immediate improvement with the switch to raw. Some dogs may have worsening of their symptoms before it gets better as their body expels the built up toxins. The most important thing is to stay consistent, and possibly consider a digestive enzyme or natural detox remedy to help the process along.

What is RMB?

Raw Meaty Bones are soft pliable bones that your pet can crunch, tear and eat as part of their daily meals. Providing calcium, phosphorus, amino acids, protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Some examples include: Chicken necks, Chicken feet, Pork riblets, and Duck wing.

If necessary, you can hand-feed RMB’s using a paper towel to encourage slower eating. It is perfectly safe and healthy for your pet to enjoy appropriately sized, non-weight bearing bones. In fact, feeding RMB’s provides jaw exercise, mental stimulation, and natural teeth cleaning. For teething puppies specifically, RMB’s are a great alternative to furniture and shoes!

Unless your pet has an underlying condition that prevents them from being able to chew bones (missing/fractured teeth, gulper feeding style), whole raw meaty bones are a great option for them. 

Ground in bones will be served mixed into the patty for dogs/cats who are missing a lot of teeth, or for those who don’t have time to supervise their pet’s meals.

Why doesn't Pure Life Raw contain vegetables?

We follow the Prey Model Diet, and therefore believe in only feeding dogs and cats what they are designed to eat in the wild. Our pets are not biologically designed to digest vegetables, starches, or grains and for this reason we leave these fillers OUT of our products.

What are your ingredient lists and ratios?

You can find this information for a specific product by clicking the product and then opening the Ingredients section.