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Why feed raw?

Quality of life and Quantity of life: Give your pet both.

Proper nutrition and quality food mean everything to your pet’s health, right?

But there’s a problem. We’ve come so far in pet advancement, yet the life expectancy for most dogs and cats has decreased and disease and illness are at an all time high.

How can we mitigate this? Through nurturing health, in all aspects including: nutritional, physical, and mental.

Maybe you’re new to being a pet parent and want to get a head start on the healthiest option for your new BFF. How exciting! Your future self and loyal pet will thank you for saving them from itchy skin, digestive issues and having to pick up big stinky poos!

Or, you’ve had pets for a while and have noticed varying symptoms of premature aging, lethargy and digestive issues.

Either way, you're in the right place. #FoodIsMedicine

So why is raw food best? To answer this question, it’s important to understand a dog’s history, anatomy and the troubling history of conventional pet food.

Your Dog Is 99% Wolf —Yes, That Includes Tiny Yorkies.

Your dog was designed to eat raw meat!

Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves — they have sharp teeth designed to tear through meat with a short digestive tract that is not only tolerant to bacteria, but built to absorb nutrients only found in raw meats. Their digestive makeup is made for breaking down animal proteins.

There’s a reason conventional food causes stomach upsets and allergies. Our pup’s are carnivores, which means they lack the digestive enzymes to breakdown plant matter and carbohydrates!

Not-so-fun fact:

When we first domesticated dogs, they remained outdoors able to catch/eat rabbits and other animals. After WWII, our world drastically shifted with the necessity for long shelf-life foods to survive the recession. The pet food industry followed suit —this is when substituting cheap, filler ingredients became a standard practice.

We all want our pets to live their best lives. The #1 answer to the best quality of life is fresh raw nutrition.

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Pure Raw Ingredients

We partner with local farmers and distributors in California and pride ourselves on using meats, bones, and organs raised on pasture and grass-fed. We'll never subject these fresh ingredients to HPP or pasteurization.

No Supplements or Fillers

We believe in a short, simple, and savory ingredient list. Every meal is full of nothing but naturally raw, unprocessed meats. We won’t ever cut corners by adding synthetic supplements, preservatives, or fillers of any kind.

Custom Meal Plans with Flexibility

With up to 7 proteins in rotation, your pet will never get bored of the same ol’ stuff. Variety is the key to balancing your pet’s nutrient requirements, rest assured they're getting plenty of it.

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For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers.

We’re a small business who started out of the deepest love for dogs and cats, we’re on a mission to help to enrich your pet’s life through real, appropriate, nutrition. When you shop with us, you’re supporting small farmers, and families who work hard to prepare the best food for your pet.