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Frequently Asked Questions

Food & Ingredients

What's in the food? Do I need to add supplements?

Pure Life Raw includes muscle meat, raw meaty bones, liver, and another secreting organ (kidney or spleen). That's it! Variety is critical to maintaining a balanced diet. We offer more than seven proteins and encourage you to feed at least four. We are giving the power back to you as the pet parent only to add the supplements you know your pet will benefit from.

We'll never incorporate synthetic vitamin mixes or preservatives in our blends!

See more info on what we include in our products on our blog.

It's important to talk to your holistic veterinarian or a certified animal nutritionist to determine if any supplements could complement the Pure Life Raw diet based on your pet's unique diagnosis/situation.

Some supplements for overall wellness complement the Pure Life Raw diet; we've outlined them on our blog.

What are your ingredient lists and ratios?

You can find this information for a specific product by clicking the product and then opening the Ingredients section.

What is a RMB?

Raw Meaty Bones are soft pliable bones that your pet eats as part of their daily raw meals. These are not to be confused with cooked or treated bones which are not safe for pets to eat!

Some examples include: Raw Chicken necks, Raw Chicken feet, Raw Pork riblets, and Raw Duck wings.

Serving raw meaty bones in their whole, raw form provides mental and physical stimulation, cleans teeth and gums, and freshens breath!

The Nutritional benefit to feeding raw meaty bones is the richness is in calcium, phosphorus, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, enzymes, and antioxidants!

Can my dog/cat eat Raw Bones?

It is perfectly safe and healthy for your pet to enjoy appropriately sized, non-weight-bearing, raw meaty bones.

Feeding RMB's provides jaw exercise, mental stimulation, and natural teeth cleaning. For teething puppies, RMB's are a great alternative to chew on instead of furniture and shoes!

Choosing an appropriate sized bone for your pet's size is most important. See our guide on choosing the right bone for your pet here.

To encourage slower eating, you can hand-feed RMB's using a paper towel and calmly help your pup along while chewing.

If your pet has missing/fractured teeth, or a gulper feeding style, raw meaty bones may not be a good option for them.

Our signature blends have ground raw meaty bones mixed in.

Why doesn't Pure Life Raw contain vegetables?

There is no biological need for vegetables and fruits in dogs and cats. In the wild, Dogs and Cats catch and eat whole prey, meaning the only remnant of vegetation they intake is already partially-digested. Oftentimes, vegetable matter can be the culprit of allergy symptoms in pets while it gets mistaken for the protein source. We purposefully leave vegetables out of our food with this in mind. If you add vegetables to your pet's bowl, we recommend fermented products like Vita Nutrition

Will my pet go through detox?

When switching your pet to a more species-appropriate raw diet, they will start detoxifying from their previous diet. Most pets thrive and see immediate improvement with the switch to raw. Some symptoms may worsen before getting better as their body expels the built-up toxins. The most important thing is to stay consistent and consider a digestive enzyme or natural detox remedy to help the process.

Ordering & Delivery

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! We offer FREE local pickup from our Camarillo, CA warehouse. 

Local pickups are scheduled on Mondays between 10am-12:30pm ONLY. Please be mindful of this if you choose to pick up.

Select free local pickup at checkout and you'll be notified when your order is ready!

Where do you ship?

Pure Life Raw ships to the 48 contiguous states. Shipping prices to your location will be calculated at checkout.

When is my order shipped?

We make everything fresh to order! Our turnaround times are listed below. If we can get your order out sooner, we will :)

Orders placed Monday - Wednesday ship the Monday  following online order placement.

Orders placed Thursday-Sunday ship the second Monday  following online order placement.

How long does it take for food to arrive once shipped?

1-3 days depending on your location.

I need to make a change to my order.

You can manage your order in your customer account. If your order is shipping very soon, please email us as soon as you can with your order number & updated information.

Do I need to be home when food is delivered?

No. We do not require a delivery signature; the shipping carrier will leave your box at the specified address. We ship with insulated packaging, ice packs, and dry ice, allowing you time to get it into the freezer.

What if my pet and I are traveling?

We suggest using a cooler with ice packs and possibly dry ice depending on temperatures and length of travel (consider re-using your box from shipment!). You can also update your shipping address if you’d like us to mail your pet’s food elsewhere.

When will I be charged?

You’ll be charged at the intervals you chose at sign up. 

For one-time orders, you'll be charged immediately.

There is still a 7-10 day production time, so the date you are charged is not the date your order will ship.

Can I skip a month?

Yes! In your account, you can pause, cancel, and renew your subscription.

How many days in advance do I need to give to place an order?

It’s best for new orders to be placed at least 2 weeks in advance from when you need your pet food. 

Feeding & Storing

How should I make the switch to Pure Life Raw?

You should be able to switch your pet cold turkey. It might be best to stick with one protein at a time if allergies are a concern. Ex. Finish all turkey packets first, then pork, then beef, etc.

How should I Feed Pure Life Raw?

  • Use glass or stainless steel bowls to feed your pet. Other materials such as plastic and porcelain are porous and trap germs and bacteria over time.
  • Some pets prefer their food at room temperature, just remember to clean up after them in a timely manner.
  • Pet’s with long fur can trap excess liquid from their food and should be wiped up after eating to prevent the spread of bacteria. You may want to consider tying up any long fur around the face at feeding time. 

How long does food stay fresh after thawed?

Up to three days in the refrigerator. It is safe to refreeze and thaw as needed!

Can I thaw and refreeze the food?

Yes! But, we do not recommend letting the food stay thawed for more than three days.

Can I use the microwave to thaw food?

NO! Please use the refrigerator or cold, running water.

What if my pet doesn't like it?

There are some tips for getting picky eaters to try their new healthy food including: adding treats on top of their food, serving fully thawed or partially frozen, and trying a different protein. There is a full list of tips and tricks included in your welcome packet at signup! 

If your pet doesn’t agree with a specific protein, we can absolutely exclude it from your order and substitute with another protein in your chosen plan. 

Due to the nature of our product, we do not accept returns.

My pet is drinking less water. Is this normal?

With a raw diet, your pet receives most of their water through their moisture rich food. Hence the lack of water drinking. Totally normal.

Will my dog choke from eating so fast?

Many dogs tend to Woof down their food without chewing, this gulping can be a result of eating kibble for so many years. This can be pretty alarming for first time raw feeders.

Some of the best ways to mitigate this are: to offer larger RMBs, and/or hand feed RMBs. This encourages the dog to chew. Some pups may swallow their food and regurgitate it back up. This is just a natural body reaction telling them to slow down!

My dog is pooping less often. Is this normal?

Yes! The absence of bulk/filler ingredients in their food allows them to absorb all the nutrients they need, and thus less waste will be created. Yay to smaller, less-frequent, less-stinky poops!

Can I cook the food?

NO. Pure Life Raw is intended to be fed raw. Specifically, the bones can splinter and harden when they are cooked. Only serve the food raw.

How do I feed RMBs?

Always supervise your pet while eating their Raw meaty bone. If it’s their first time, please hand feed the bone using a paper towel to hold one end. This will encourage chomping/tearing through the bone. 

See our sizing guide on each raw meaty bone product page to choose the right sized bone for your pet.