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Pup in Sweater - Pure Life Raw Pet Food

What kind of bowl can you feed your pet in?

There are so many pet food bowls on the market! We’ve covered the most popular materials used and the pro’s and con’s of each throughout this post. Happy Feeding!

Bowl of Meat - Pure Life Raw Pet Food


Pros: Sturdy, cleanly, less prone to bacteria build up.

Cons: Could potentially break if your dog plays with it too roughly or it falls from a shelf or countertop.

Metal Bowl of Meat - Pure Life Raw Pet Food

Metal / Stainless Steel

Not all metal is created equally! it’s important that you source real stainless steel and look for certification if you choose to use metal bowls.

Pros: Real stainless steel is less prone to bacteria build-up. It won’t wear and tear like cheap metals. And it certainly won’t break or shatter like glass.

Cons: Cheap metals can warp, and get scratches that harbor bacteria. And metal bowls can rust if not washed, dried and treared properly. True Stainless Steel is a bit pricey.

Ceramic Bowl of Meat - Pure Life Raw Pet Food


Pros: Cute decals, heavy sturdy bowls ensure the bowl won’t move around as much while your pet eats.

Cons: Can crack and chip over time and harbor – you guessed it – bacteria.

Colorful Plastic Bowls - Pure Life Raw Pet Food


Pros: Cheap, Easy, colorful.

Cons: Plastic is porous, so it harbors bacteria as it gets scratched, and exposed to heat and cold. Must change frequently.