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Floppy Ear German - Pure Life Raw Pet Food

Raw fed PUPPIES 😍

Is it ok to feed puppies raw? 🥩🐶

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! The first year of your pup’s life is a crucial period for both physical maturation and immune system development. With so many important decisions for your pup’s health coming up during this time, it can become incredibly overwhelming.

One of the simplest things you can do to promote optimal health and longevity in your growing puppy is to feed a species appropriate raw diet from day one.

Puppies on a raw diet grow at a much more natural and steady rate. They maintain deeply pigmented, soft, shiny, odor-free coats and moisturized skin; as well as bright, clear, and clean eyes, ears and noses. Energy levels and endurance remain steady and healthy, supporting better temperament. Raw fed puppies tend to have higher immunity, improved resistance to infections and disease and experience milder symptoms, with a quicker recovery if ever ill.

It really is incredible to watch your puppy eat what they are biologically designed to eat. There’s nothing quite like the glowing, vibrant health you’ll notice when you treat #FoodAsMedicine.

Pure Life Raw provides raw meaty bones that fit the current size of your pup, and we continue to swap out new bones as they grow to match their stature. Each and every meal is customized so you can be sure it’s specifically prepared for your growing puppy.

Tongue Out German - Pure Life Raw Pet Food