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Bowl of Meat - Pure Life Raw Pet Food

Pure Life Raw Ingredients

We truly believe less is more, our simple ingredient list provides exactly what your pet needs, and nothing more. Below, we’ve outlined the variety of biologically-appropriate raw meat ingredients, along with how those items are broken down to fill up the Pure Life Raw bowl. 

Choosing only the best meat ingredients available, we’ve steered clear of all excess supplements, vegetables, and synthetic fillers. We’ve purposefully left the extra’s out, so that you, as the pet parent, can choose what additions(if any!) go into your pet’s bowl. 

Remember, simplicity does not mean lack of wholesomeness ❤️

Cutting Meat - Pure Life Raw Pet Food

So what exact ingredients will you find in the PLR Bowl?

The ingredients in every Pure Life Raw meal are made up of Muscle Meat, Organ, and Bone. Read more below to find out nutritional value and examples of what these items look like. 

Muscle meat 

The bulk of your pups meal consists of muscle meat which acts as the main source of protein & energy. Various cuts of meat also contribute greatly to your pets requirement of water-soluble vitamins & minerals.

Pure Life Raw uses the following boneless muscle meats in our meal preps: Pork butt, Chicken thigh meat, Turkey thigh meat, Moulard Duck meat, lean Beef chuck, Lamb loin and Venison rump trimmings.


A lesser percentage of the meal with an average of 10% is made up of essential organ blend!

Compared with muscle meat and bone, Liver and other secreting organs are the most densely-packed with nutrients like B vitamins iron, copper, magnesium, and selenium.

Note: sourcing is crucial here. Grass-fed, pasture-raised animals have much healthier organs and thus provide much better quality of nutrition to your pet. 


Making up 5% of your pets meal, Liver supplies vitamin A which aids in energy metabolism(digestion), growth and development, and supports immunity. 

Liver also delivers  iron, copper, and folic acid and B vitamins!

Kidney & Spleen

Making up the other 5% of organ content, Kidney and/or spleen are great sources of Selenium, iron, and tryptophan, all working together to support immune function and oxygen transport.

Pure Life Raw rotates Pasture-raised Pork, and Grass-fed Beef organs in meal preps. 


Generally raw meaty bones make up 5 – 15% of the meal with an average of 10%. Rounding out the bowl, raw meaty bones provide Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus. 

At Pure Life Raw, Variety is also implemented here because one type of bone just didn’t cut it. 

For ground in options, our blends typically include Chicken neck, Turkey neck, and/or Duck Frame bones. 

For bone on the side clients, we select bones appropriate to the size and feeding style of your pet. These may include: Duck wing, Pork Riblets, Chicken Neck, Chicken Feet, Duck Neck and Duck Feet.